Ivey, J. (2012). The Value of Qualitative Research Methods (Summary)

This article traces the project process of a 2012 study on youth living with HIV. The point of these “Demystifying Research” articles is to have a leading researcher of nursing help readers understand the research process. The one-page article shares the methods used by the 2012 research team: an interview guide, focus groups, and field notes. Then comes a discussion on coding analysis. The article also mentions that in many research projects, the researchers may share the data with participants for clarification purposes. The last step, which I found interesting compared to so many research designs, is to compare the results to the results of other literature.  I think this piece is a perfect introduction to qualitative research methods and analysis. The language is simple, but informative. While it wouldn’t be enough background to launch a full research study, I think this is a good one to share with non-researchers to demonstrate the process. The disappointing part of the article is that the title is a bit misleading. The focus of this article is to be informative, and it doesn’t do much to show the value of qualitative research. I would have expected this article to discuss things that would improve patient experiences or clinical budgets. Researchers need to find ways to sell the process and make the time and effort worth it.

Ivey, J. (2012). The Value of Qualitative Research Methods. Pediatric Nursing, 38(6), 319–319.

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