A Personal Portfolio Website Means More Control

Anyone can make a social media profile, but a website takes some planning. When you design your site, you have control over the layout of how you present yourself and your experiences. Having this control helps you to communicate with your users exactly who you are, and your qualifications.

Improved Communication With Your People

There are many different types of dance businesses out there to be consumed, and while social media is a boon for reach, it can be difficult to be authentic in a static layout style or character limit. Posts about upcoming events and other important information can get lost in social feeds. Your website can provide a place for your students or any collaborators to find exactly what they need from you.

My Choice for Simple Website Design

I personally love WordPress for making websites (That’s how I made this one). They are very user friendly, with enough features to start a simple website and/or blog, but also tons of extra potential I haven’t even needed to scale to (yet). WordPress offers free plans as well as some paid plans, and I have used both types of plan for class blogs, research studies, and other personal website projects.

If you do choose WordPress, please feel free to use my referral link, it will get you a $25 credit toward a paid plan.

Published by Nikki M

Applied Anthropologist and Digital Dance Specialist

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