User Experience Research and Design Coursework-University of Michigan

Courses of study offered by MichiganX, an online learning initiative of the University of Michigan through edX

UX501x: Introduction to User Experience

UX502x: Understanding User Needs

UX503x: Principles of Designing for Humans

UX504x: Evaluating Designs with Users

UX505x: UX Design: From Concept to Wireframe

UX506x: UX Design: From Wireframe to Prototype

UX507x: UX Research Surveys

Creating a Gift for the Future: Digitization Using

“Creating a Gift for the Future: Digitization Using”, April 22, 2016

Contributors: Alexandria Jones, Blanca Drapeau, Cathlyn Garibay, KayCie Voigt, Nicole Martensen, Victoria Bruner, Xi K. Bromley

“The Library Scholar Internship team is digitizing historically significant objects from the library’s Special Collections. This process involves more than scanning objects, but publishing to a broader research community using to create digital exhibits. In this poster we discuss our process creating metadata, scanning procedures, researching the collections and publicizing our work. Our goal is to encourage students and faculty to use the library’s resources such as Collaboration Stations, SkillShops, librarians, computer labs, #mondopad and peers to improve and publish their research. The library is a dynamic space for students to work on innovative and collaborative projects.”

Spring 2016 Ideafest Intern Photo
A Collaborative poster describing online exhibit creation. Presented at the Humboldt State University 2016 Ideafest symposium.