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UX501x: Introduction to User Experience

UX502x: Understanding User Needs

UX503x: Principles of Designing for Humans

UX504x: Evaluating Designs with Users

UX505x: UX Design: From Concept to Wireframe

UX506x: UX Design: From Wireframe toPrototype

UX507x: UX Research Surveys

Rock-Art Vandals: An Assessment of Public Interactions with Archaeological Resources

RAV word cloud
Word Cloud From Rock-Art Vandals Research Project

Abstract: This project studied the public opinions and discussion of the effects contemporary humans have at archaeological rock art sites in the United States. Preservation of rock art sites is attempted by a perpetual separation of visitors, by creating physical barriers at sites, or keeping site locations a secret. Little has been done, however, to assess public access to information relating to site locations and preservation information. This project utilized open-ended questionnaires to assess the opinions of the online rock-art community in relation to this topic. These opinions were compared with the content in public texts to assess the public accessibility of information. This research represents the potential of an affiliated public to make a significant contribution to the discussion on rock art site preservation and public interaction.